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Are you looking for a bedside table that can keep your belongings safe and secure? Look no further than HomeFurnishingsByDesign! We offer a wide range of bedside tables with locks that are perfect for keeping your valuables safe and secure.

Why Choose Our Bedside Tables with Lock?

  • Our bedside tables with locks are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • They come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose one that complements your bedroom decor.
  • Our bedside tables with locks are easy to use and provide a secure storage solution for your valuables.


What types of locks do your bedside tables have?

Our bedside tables come with a variety of locks, including key locks and combination locks. You can choose the type of lock that best suits your needs.

Can I get a bedside table with a lock in a specific color?

Yes, we offer bedside tables with locks in a variety of colors and finishes. You can choose one that matches your bedroom decor.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $100.


If you’re looking for a bedside table with a lock, HomeFurnishingsByDesign has got you covered. Our bedside tables with locks are stylish, secure, and easy to use. Visit our website today to browse our selection and find the perfect bedside table for your needs.

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