10 Cool Bedside Tables to Elevate Your Bedroom Decor in India

When it comes to bedroom decor, the little details can make a big difference. One of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom is the bedside table. Not only does it provide a convenient spot to place your phone, book, or glass of water, but it can also add style and personality to your space.

At HomeFurnishingsByDesign, we understand the importance of finding the perfect bedside table for your needs. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 10 cool bedside tables that will elevate your bedroom decor in India.

1. The Minimalist

If you prefer a clean and simple look, the Minimalist bedside table is perfect for you. With its sleek design and neutral color, it will blend seamlessly into any bedroom decor.

2. The Bohemian

Add a touch of bohemian flair to your bedroom with this unique bedside table. Its woven texture and natural materials will bring warmth and texture to your space.

3. The Glamorous

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom, this bedside table is the perfect choice. With its mirrored surface and elegant design, it will make a statement in any room.

4. The Rustic

For a cozy and inviting feel, the Rustic bedside table is a great option. Its distressed wood finish and vintage-inspired design will add charm and character to your space.

5. The Industrial

If you love the look of exposed pipes and raw materials, the Industrial bedside table is the perfect choice. Its metal frame and wooden top will add an edgy and modern touch to your bedroom.

6. The Mid-Century Modern

For a retro-inspired look, the Mid-Century Modern bedside table is a great option. Its clean lines and tapered legs will add a touch of vintage charm to your space.

7. The Colorful

If you want to add a pop of color to your bedroom, this bedside table is the perfect choice. With its bright hue and playful design, it will bring a sense of fun and whimsy to your space.

8. The Traditional

For a classic and timeless look, the Traditional bedside table is a great option. With its elegant design and rich wood finish, it will add sophistication and warmth to your space.

9. The Space-Saving

If you have a small bedroom, the Space-Saving bedside table is a must-have. With its compact design and built-in storage, it will provide all the functionality you need without taking up too much space.

10. The Multi-Functional

If you want a bedside table that can do it all, the Multi-Functional bedside table is the perfect choice. With its built-in charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, and touch controls, it will keep you connected and entertained all night long.


At HomeFurnishingsByDesign, we believe that your bedroom should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. That’s why we offer a wide range of bedside tables to suit every need and preference. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or rustic and charming, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? Shop our collection today and elevate your bedroom decor in India!


Q: How do I choose the right bedside table for my bedroom?

A: When choosing a bedside table, consider your personal style, the size of your bedroom, and your storage needs. Look for a table that complements your existing decor and provides enough surface area for your essentials.

Q: Can I mix and match bedside tables?

A: Yes! Mixing and matching bedside tables can add visual interest and personality to your bedroom. Just make sure to choose tables that are similar in height and style.

Q: Do I need a bedside table with storage?

A: It depends on your needs. If you have a lot of items that you like to keep close at hand, a bedside table with storage can be a great option. However, if you prefer a minimalist look, a table without storage may be a better choice.

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