DIY Bedside Table Organizer: Keep Your Essentials Handy

Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark for your phone, glasses, or other essentials when you’re in bed? A bedside table organizer can help keep everything you need within reach, so you can relax and unwind without any hassle. And the best part? You can make one yourself with just a few simple materials!

What You’ll Need

  • Wooden board
  • Wooden dowels
  • Wood glue
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or stain (optional)


  1. Cut the wooden board to the desired size for your organizer.
  2. Cut the wooden dowels into pieces of varying lengths, depending on what you want to store in your organizer.
  3. Arrange the dowels on the board in a pattern that works for you. You can create compartments for your phone, glasses, books, and more.
  4. Use wood glue to attach the dowels to the board.
  5. Let the glue dry completely.
  6. If desired, sand the edges of the board and the dowels to smooth out any rough spots.
  7. Paint or stain the organizer to match your decor.
  8. Let the paint or stain dry completely.
  9. Attach the organizer to your bedside table using screws or adhesive strips.

And there you have it! Your very own DIY bedside table organizer. Now you can keep all your essentials handy and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without any interruptions.


What if I don’t have a bedside table?

No problem! You can attach the organizer to the wall next to your bed instead.

Can I use a different type of wood?

Absolutely! Just make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold your essentials.

Do I need to paint or stain the organizer?

No, it’s completely up to you. You can leave it natural or customize it to match your decor.


A bedside table organizer is a simple yet effective way to keep your essentials within reach and make your bedtime routine more relaxing. With just a few materials and some basic DIY skills, you can create your own customized organizer that fits your needs perfectly. And if you need any help with your home decor or furniture, don’t forget to check out our free design consultation service at

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