10 Trendy Floating Bedside Tables for Your Modern Bedroom in NZ

Are you looking for a stylish and space-saving solution for your bedroom? Look no further than floating bedside tables! These trendy designs not only add a modern touch to your decor but also free up floor space for a more spacious feel.

At HomeFurnishingsByDesign, we offer a wide range of floating bedside tables specifically curated for the NZ market and clientele. Here are our top 10 picks:

  1. Minimalist White Floating Bedside Table
  2. Scandinavian-Inspired Wooden Floating Bedside Table
  3. Industrial-Style Metal and Wood Floating Bedside Table
  4. Mid-Century Modern Floating Bedside Table with Drawer
  5. Bohemian Rattan Floating Bedside Table
  6. Geometric-Shaped Floating Bedside Table
  7. Acrylic Floating Bedside Table
  8. Marble-Top Floating Bedside Table
  9. Colorful Floating Bedside Table with Multiple Shelves
  10. Wall-Mounted Floating Bedside Table with Integrated Lamp

Each of these designs is not only functional but also adds a unique touch to your bedroom decor. Plus, with our affordably luxurious items, you can upgrade your space without breaking the bank.

Still have questions about floating bedside tables? Check out our FAQ section below:


What is a floating bedside table?

A floating bedside table is a wall-mounted table that appears to be floating, as it does not have legs or a base that touches the floor. This design creates a modern and space-saving solution for your bedroom.

How do I install a floating bedside table?

Installation instructions vary depending on the design of the table. However, most floating bedside tables come with mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.

Can I use a floating bedside table in a small bedroom?

Absolutely! Floating bedside tables are a great solution for small bedrooms, as they free up floor space and create a more spacious feel.

Ready to upgrade your bedroom with a trendy floating bedside table? Visit our favorite bed side tables page to shop our selection. And don’t forget to take advantage of our free design consultation for personalized advice on your home decor needs.

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