Round Bedside Table Covers: Protect Your Furniture in Style

Are you tired of your round bedside table getting scratched or stained? Do you want to protect your furniture while still maintaining a stylish look? Look no further than HomeFurnishingsByDesign’s selection of round bedside table covers.

Our covers come in a variety of colors and materials, so you can find the perfect match for your decor. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep your furniture looking like new for years to come.

Why Choose HomeFurnishingsByDesign?

  • We offer a wide selection of home decor and furniture options, so you can find everything you need in one place.
  • Our design consultants are experienced and knowledgeable, and can help you create the perfect look for your home.
  • We offer round-the-clock shopping convenience through our online store, so you can shop whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Our products are affordably luxurious, so you can get the high-quality furniture and decor you want without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the covers made of?

Our covers are made of high-quality materials such as cotton, linen, and polyester.

How do I clean the covers?

Most of our covers are machine washable, but be sure to check the care instructions for each specific product.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, we offer custom sizes for many of our products. Contact one of our design consultants for more information.


Protecting your round bedside table doesn’t have to be boring. With HomeFurnishingsByDesign’s selection of stylish covers, you can keep your furniture looking great while adding a touch of personality to your decor. Visit our service page to learn more about our design consultation services, and check out our favorite bedside tables for even more inspiration. And don’t forget to visit AKFD Studio’s lounge for more great design ideas!

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