Landscaping Improvements

Garden landscape with flowers, shrubs, a pond, and a path.

Step 1: Hardscaping and Landscape Edging

Objective: The primary goal is to rejuvenate the edging around planters and trees, thereby establishing a clean, visually appealing boundary that delineates landscaped areas from other parts of the garden or lawn.

Tools & Materials: Utilization of existing stones is encouraged if they remain in a condition suitable for reuse. Additional necessary materials include a pressure washer for cleaning, string for marking layouts, and spray paint for defining edges.


Step 2: Pressure Washing

Objective: The aim is to thoroughly clean the exterior surfaces of the house, including siding, driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete areas, to remove accumulated dirt and grime.

Tools & Materials: A pressure washer is the primary tool for this task. For individuals who do not own a pressure washer, rental options are available and recommended.

Tips: Special attention should be paid to surfaces that may not visibly appear dirty. The act of pressure washing can reveal a significant transformation in the appearance of these surfaces, thus contributing markedly to the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

Step 3: Pruning Overgrown Trees and Shrubs

Objective: The objective is to trim and shape trees and shrubs in order to enhance the visibility of the property and improve the shape and health of the vegetation.

Tools & Materials: Essential tools for this task include pruning tools, such as saws or shears, which are used to remove undesirable branches and foliage.


Step 4: Weed Control and Mulching

Objective: The primary goal is to eradicate weeds and replace old mulch with a new layer to rejuvenate the appearance of the garden beds, ensuring a fresh and clean aesthetic.

Tools & Materials: The process requires the utilization of weeding tools, garden fabric to inhibit weed growth, a new supply of mulch for coverage, and optionally, no-dig edging to delineate garden areas effectively.


Step 5: Softscaping and Landscape Lighting

Objective: To introduce new plant species and integrate landscape lighting with the dual purpose of enhancing the garden's visual appeal during the day and illuminating its features at night.

Tools & Materials: Selection of plants, such as hydrangeas for their aesthetic value, topsoil to improve planting conditions, and a variety of landscape lights to achieve the desired lighting effects.


Additional Tips for Landscaping Success


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